"Just over a year ago and a few weeks away from my 50th birthday I decided to book some sessions with a personal trainer. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Caroline and right from our very first session Caroline did an amazing job in inspiring me to really push myself to get the best results possible. Every session was carefully planned in advance by Caroline and no two sessions were ever the same which really helped to keep things interesting. I had discussed in length with Caroline what I was hoping to achieve and what my target areas were and she really paid close attention to working on and creating a program that would get the best results for me. After only a few weeks I really started to notice a difference and within a few months I had achieved results and changes to my body I never thought possible. I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough – she is an absolutely amazing personal trainer who genuinely cares about her clients getting the best results possible.

If you are ready to take the next step in getting the results you want, book now!"

− Susan K Lock, 51, Calgary, Canada


"I've started my training with Caroline almost 4 months ago and I can say that I'm more than happy and satisfied with our sessions. When I met her for the first time we discussed about my objectives which were clear in my head: loosing weight, becoming fitter and improve my health condition. Caroline really built a program which is adapted for me and now the results are clearly there as I lost a lot of weight and feel really better. She helped me also to adapt my food to maximize the results of my diet. More than that Caroline is an enthusiastic person and she helped me to see the sport in an other way. After 39 years without doing any sport, I'm now going 3-4 times a week to the fitness and I see the results of this change in my daily life too. If we add her joy of live and her constant support, we can say that Caroline is not only a good trainer, she is really what we can call a personal and inspiring trainer."

− Pierre Deflandre, 39, Lausanne, Switzerland


"I was running 6 days a week in the ultimate attempt to achieve a trained figure; fighting a body that was graduately changing by hormonal influences. Slowly getting frustrated, as all these efforts didn't seem to result in any substantial physical change, then fortunately Caroline crossed my path. She immediately started training me, 6 hours a week at my place, and defined a nutrition plan which suited me best. Quite soon after my overall fitness and energy level started to increase and my body began to change, finally showing results! Now that my body and mind have changed, Caroline's training feels like a addiction! Even when I'm on a holidays, I continue to train with her every day via a Youtube account, where she makes a custom fit training program for me! Caroline is not just a tremendous professional trainer - combining training methods with nutrition - but her enthusiasm and positive spirit ensures you'll find your limits and continue with drive."

− Diony Erven, 43, Lausanne, Switzerland


"I had tried a gym membership and classes but nothing was working! I wasn’t able to set myself any strictness… I was giving up every time very quickly! One year ago (with new year good resolutions), I decided that I had to take things under control and that a personal trainer was the solution. Then I met Caroline… What I immediately liked was the attention that she gives to my needs. Since more than a year, I train once or twice a week and I have to say that it fits me perfectly. Caroline pushes me to finish the exercises, to overcome myself. She makes me work on the body parts that I want to improve and tighten. Without even noticing, my body changed. I was also feeling back pain and thanks to her exercises, my pains disappeared magically! Now, a big date is approaching for me, and as usual, Caroline pays attention to my needs to be at my best!"

− Aude Muller, 31, Geneva, Switzerland

"I have never been very sportive, and even less in a gym. Until recently, I was convinced that there were many exercises I couldn’t do because of recurrent shoulder problems. But at one point in my life, I realized I had to do something to take care of myself, and of my health. To help me keep my motivation, I subscribed to a program with Caroline. And then, I surprised myself actually liking it. I never thought it would be possible, but today I’m going to the gym minimum 3 times a week and when I can’t, I feel like I miss something! She made me discover that it was possible to have fun and pleasure while doing sport. It has been now more than 8 months that I train with Caroline once a week. I am amazed at each session by her creativity and the impression that I come to have fun and not to work and suffer. She shows great knowledge et skills in anatomy and physiology which allowed me to get results quickly without injuring. And as a bonus, my shoulder has recovered mobility. I recommend her to you, she will know how to adapt to your requests and needs, in french, english or dutch!"

− Marie-Pier Ménard, 35, Lausanne, Switzerland


"Moving back from the Middle East to Switzerland, I was looking some months ago for the opportunity to do personal training combined with Fitness boxing and the concept presented to me in the Tone-Up studio (note: Caroline gave freelance training in this studio) in Lausanne was very much aligned with my individual needs. Caroline puts at any stage careful attention on proper execution of all exercises, leading to effective training of the targeted muscle groups and more importantly to conciliatory training. Her cheerful and caring personality, combined with her profound professional knowledge and the variety in challenges she would prepare in every session are the best recipe against any kind of complacency or lack of motivation. I can only recommend you to get in touch with her if you are ready for the challenge to improve yourself!"

− Beat Stettler, 42, Vevey, Switzerland


"I have always been a sporty person, but after a surgery and a long convalescence period, I wanted to get back into shape and re-learn how to work out. Caroline has been the best support I could have imagined. She motivated me and made me understand how to do the exercises correctly and consciously. She has a vast knowledge of sports in general, she's an amazing & creative & flexible teacher and she has a great personality. She cheered me up, pushed me to my limits, while being very attentive on how I execute the movements. I feel that I recuperated the strenght I lost and that I even surpassed my previous fitness level. I am extremely happy about this result. One thing I appreciate most with Caroline is her caring side. She always checked on my the day after the workout and made sure that everything is fine. I can only strongly recommend her, she has been the perfect PT and I hope you will be able to experience it yourself. Don't miss out on this occasion!! And thank you Caroline."

− Sarah Frommelt, 28, Lausanne, Switzerland


"After not having done any sports during a full year, I decided it had been long enough and got in contact with Caroline through Personal Fit Club (note: Caroline gives freelance training in this studio). During the in-depth intake we discussed my goals. They where very clear, I wanted to improve my overall condition, flexibility and my long lasting neck, shoulder and back problems. Besides, I also wanted to change my nutrition plan and food habits. For the last 7 weeks I have been training with Caroline and I couldn't be more satisfied with her approach, her food advices and her way of training and coaching. Surprisingly, during our training sessions we are almost not using any fitness machines which is a complete different methodology than I was used to do. Doing so, you are more focused on the movement you are doing and on which specific muscles you are soliciting. The first results are already discernible and visible! Therefore I am getting even more motivated to keep following the path we are on!"

− Rolf Roggeveen, 52, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands


"After a 2 years returning pneumonia my physical condition became very bad. My neck/back and shoulder problems in combination with my asthma, I became more and more inactive resulting in not even being able to garden. I gained weight and at my age of 69 years old, it alltogether didn't help me. Back after 12 years living abroad in France I decided in November 2014 to start working on my recovery. Personal Fit Club Zoetermeer is located at walking distance of my apartment and with Caroline as my coach this turned out to be a golden shot. My wish list is very ambitious: I want a better physical condition, a more supple body, improve my stamina and get more tight. Preferably also have less pain of my osteoarthritis. Caroline started very enthusiastic with me. Even tough the pneumonia came back 2 times, she kept courage and because of her, I also kept courage. Finally, after a few weeks, I start believing we are on the right track. Caroline is extremely talented at motivating and cheering me up. She gives me very precise instructions, builds up our training sessions carefully with a lot of control and variation. I also get many exercises to improve my mobility and reduce my pains. The compliments she gives me during trainings are very concrete, relevant and I can say they are very real. That is very nice about her as I must say that sometimes my progress is very minimum and subtile. I feel very happy about the fact that my progress also shows up in numbers: the amount of repetitions, the load of the weights, the length of the cardio etc. My respiration improved already a lot and my stamina is also getting better. It will take a while before being completely satisfied but the negative parts are gone. I didn't loose weight yet but I am working on that by adopting a healthier lifestyle. I started working out feeling hopeless, and now I am even enjoying it! Partly thanks to my improvements but mostly thanks to the motivating, professional and lovely accompaniment of Caroline."

− Bea van den Heuij, 69, Zoetermeer, Netherlands


"Caroline has been my personal trainer for about 5 months and I’ve learned so much from her. Even with only one session per week, we really improved my muscle strength and general physical condition. Caroline is very professional and knows her job very well. She is more than just a trainer. She inspired me with her enthusiasm and also shared her expertise about mobility, body mechanics and nutrition. I can honestly say that I’ve never before enjoyed exercising this much. She really helps you find your physical limits and knows more about what you’re capable off then you know yourself. She encourages you to get the best out of yourself and makes sure you keep improving. She programs the best exercises for your body and teaches you how to execute them properly, making sure you’re getting the most benefits out of your training while staying injury free on the long term. Sometimes, very small adjustments can make such a great difference. Caroline is very precise and makes you well aware of these little corrections, and eventually, you start feeling by yourself when you move correctly. And besides her professional side, she is just a really nice person who really cares. After I finished my sessions with her she made sure I was able to continue on my own. We discussed my next steps, how to maintain what we have achieved together and she still sends me tailored training schedules and checks in with me on a regular base."

− Nicole, 39, The Hague, Netherlands


"Caroline is a wonderful Personal Trainer. I achieved my main goal – sustainable weight loss - just by following her trainings-program and her advice to make some minor adjustments in my eating patterns. I now have a healthier lifestyle and I feel fitter and more alert and I have more energy. She also managed to mobilize certain (in the past hardly used) muscles, which resulted in an improved body posture. By providing me with well-considered exercises and guidance she also helped me to recover from an injury. Now I can do what I really like – hiking and trekking – without feeling any pain anymore. Her trainings are well structured and during the trainings she is a great companion. Caroline is interested in who you are and what you do, keeps in touch with you and if necessary she provides you with mental support. In summary: Caroline is a star and I intent to continue training with her going forward."

− Albertine Kronenberg, 46, The Hague, Netherlands


"One and a half year ago I was looking for a Personal Trainer. I am an entrepreneur with a fast growing company and due to that I was lacking time and energy to do any kind of exercise. I did had a membership at a gym and also at a boxing center but I never went. When I was doing some biking and/or running I was always having problems with my back. I wanted to take better care or myself, loose weight, feel fitter and have more energy but in the meanwhile I was only gaining weight.

When I met Caroline, many things changed. We worked a lot on my 'core stability', I feel much fitter and stronger and I noticed during my last skiing-holiday that I was capable of much more. Daily movements are going much better and my physical problems are much less. We are training twice per week together and every time I am looking forward to it. Caroline pushes me when I am going to slow, but also protects me from myself when I aks to much of myself. When my shoulder or back starts to ache, she mobilizes me effortless and in the meanwhile we discuss my nutrition and energy-stress level. Beside all, she is amazing, as I can discuss my personal things with her but we also have a lot of fun. I can truly recommend her to everyone who wants to improve him/herself! "

− Rutger Plak, 33, The Hague, The Netherlands


"About a year ago I decided to start training with a personal trainer and met Caroline at Personal Fit Club in The Hague. From the beginning she was really involved, we made a plan, discussed my food and trained weekly. She knows what she is talking about and learned me a lot about how to use my body and muscles and how to excercise well. During the trainings she is very supportive, but also gives me the kick in the… I need. She knows what I'm capable of and pushes me to improve myself. I feel better and still train weekly, also with tailor made schedules she made for me, while before after a few months in the gym I went fewer and fewer... Caroline is very inspiring and a great motivator! "

− Caroline Steylaerts, 31, The Hague, The Netherlands


"Move well, focus, attention!
A few quotes from Caroline. As a result, I'm able to activate the smallest muscles, and get rid of bad compensation patterns. I'm getting the best out of my body and I'm feeling fit. Such achievement was possible only thanks to the professional and committed efforts of Caroline. Even in tough times, Caroline stands by my side. Caroline always adjusts our sessions to how I'm feeling and what I'm capable of on the moment. Accuracy! Caroline teaches me a lot about mobilization, which I also apply in my daily life. And during our sessions we laugh a lot. I'm extremely happy to be training with her for 2 years already and grateful for her boundless energy!"

− Claudia de Jong, 47, The Hague, Netherlands


"I started training with Caroline after a particularly difficult time in my life. She is always considerate, patient and very encouraging. I find the sessions always very enjoyable due to the variety of exercises and challenge to do them as correctly as possible which keeps it interesting. For me the personal nature and effectiveness of her sessions, plus the increasing awareness of how to use my muscles in a balanced way have helped me a lot. Also for my work (professional violist) which is quite demanding physically. Thank you very much Caroline!"

− Rachel Browne, 55, The Hague, Netherlands


"Caroline showed me the best version of myself. After I (as good as) recovered from a very heavy accident I had to rediscover my body completely. 7 years of physiotherapy and still I was struggling on a everyday base, I didn't had the force either enough energy to do complete daily basic things. After the birth of my second girl, it was time for change, I was too heavy and I was in need for a healthier lifestyle. At Personal Fit Club (note: Caroline gives freelance training in this studio) I met Caroline, she coached me so well that with every training I was amazed what my body do was capable of. The way of working together with Caroline is extremely pleasant, she has so much patience, learns me to push my limits, and all of this with being able to fully be myself cause of her 'easy going' vibe. Physically I had a long road to go, but Caroline gave me the trust in my body back, and I am so proud of this! After a year of training with her, I am strong and healthy, and I owe this to her. My energy level improved incredibly and I feel healthier then ever. Doing sports now is part of my daily life and thinking about my healthy lifestyle isn't a struggle, it all goes by itself!"

− Lisette Bruin, 27, The Hague, Netherlands


"When I started running 2,5 years ago I wouldn’t have guessed my body was so prone to injury. After multiple different physio visits I was close to giving up but, I couldn't let go of my sub-4 marathon goal. After lots of chats with Caroline I decided to book a trial session and it became clear that Caroline understood what the problem areas are and more importantly: How to fix them. Now, just a small two months later the pain is gone and, I’ve started to run again. Every session is fun, challenging and it comes with just enough homework to combine with a busy job. You never feel like you’re doing it wrong but, you go home after each session feeling slightly improved."

− Peter Den Hartog, 30, Portugal, Netherlands


"Fitness and sport are not my thing. I am the type of person who does a crunch a day (when leaving the bed). Yet, I somehow managed to “look” fit. But then I got pregnant and put on 17 kg! After giving birth, I could not get back in shape, or even close to how I looked before. I got Caroline’s contact through a friend and it’s the best decision I have taken health-wise in my life, only comparable to quitting smoking. First, she changed the way I ate: now I eat better and more, I don’t have cravings and I feel satiated throughout the day. Then, we moved on to the physical training. In less than 10 sessions, I was back on my pre-pregnancy weight and, most importantly, toned and in better shape than before. At the trainings, she is gentle and chooses the right exercises for me. She is so well prepared and has such a good vibe that I am even enjoying doing exercise. Caroline’s approach is efficient and worth the cost. Even if you are not into sports (like me) this is something to try at least once in your lifetime."

− Marina L, 32, The Hague, The Netherlands