Summer bodies are made in winter

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Hey there!

It’s Caro again. Remember? The personal trainer / action sports enthusiast. Now that the presentations are done, let’s talk about a tricky subject I am sure you all struggle with: how to get the best out of yourself during the winter period.

It’s Tuesday 4.30pm, it’s already dark, freezing, rainy and windy and you’re body screams « Go home, lie on the couch, and watch TV, don’t worry for that extra kilo, you can wear a hoodie for the next 5 months… » How on earth could you resist to this evil invitation to laziness.

Admit it girls, it’s time to break this circle and embrace the cold days with a new attitude, because the benefits of keeping an active lifestyle throughout the winter are greater than you can possibly imagine.

First of all, training on a regular basis activates your metabolism and reinforces your immune system, resulting on less chances to get a cold or a flue. Then, by refusing everyday to surrender to your laziness, you are empowering yourself and increasing your self-confidence. It will be hard in the first days, but you’ll end up building momentum and make you mentally stronger. Thirdly, it minimizes your chances of getting injured when practicing winter sports. Last but not least, it makes sure you keep your fitness level stable over the year and thus, helps you progress on the long term.

Now you probably think: Yeah yeah… We know it’s important but it’s easier said than done…
Well, if you you’ve failed to accomplish this over the past winters, you were probably missing one of these 4 essential keys:

Have a goal, Have fun, Have a plan, Have a try.

Have a goal. It’s fundamental to keep your motivation high. It can be a body related goal like « I want to control my weight » or a performance related goal like « I want to be able to run 15km without stopping in april ». But don’t fall in the trap of setting unrealistic objectives. Keep it in your reach and make sure you can measure your progress along the way.

Have fun. It’s the only way to get results. Chose the activity and the routines that you enjoy the most. You hate running? Why would you spend 45 minutes on a treadmill? There are so many possibilities and facilities to adapt your training to your personal taste. A good session should make you happy while you’re doing it, and not only after.

Have a plan. You must schedule your training and stick to it! Every session counts. Consider it as an important professional meeting you can simply not miss. When you’re about to cancel a training, just remind yourself how much better you’ll feel if you chose to go. Another great way to boost your motivation and avoid canceling is to team up with a friend and rely on each other.

Have a try. Just try something new once in a while. There are hundreds of sports you can try! You’re a skier? Try snowboarding! (works in the opposite way too ;-)). Simply make sure you challenge your body in new ways.

Make this winter your best winter ever! You owe it to yourself!


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