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Many of us are in a constant battle to make our body different. Changing your attitude towards how you should look, losing the focus about how other woman look and not being afraid of others’ judgments seem to be an impossible task for many women.

8 months ago I embraced Crossfit and since then my physical appearance has changed…

I have always been the girl who wanted to be healthy and fit but like many other women, I have spent years comparing myself with others. With my passion for sport, it wasn’t a struggle for me to exercise regularly and making my own training schedules was always fun for me. The thing is, there was always something I wanted to change about my looks and eventually I caught myself training more to change my body then to get the best out of my physical condition. Even if I was fit and living a healthy lifestyle, it was feeling like the image wasn’t good enough. This wasn’t just a physical battle but also an emotional one. Crossfit has changed this, Crossfit has changed me. Most important, it changed how I look at myself and how confident I now am in my own body.

At first when I started Crossfit, it was tough for me to ‘let go’ and stop programming my own trainings, not knowing what the workout would be and specially not controlling how some of the exercise would affect my physical look. While training and increasing your fitness level, your body inevitably adapts and tends to find the optimal muscle development to answer this demand. When I finally let go of all these thoughts I started to increase significantly in my fitness level and confidence. I got stronger, faster, fitter then I have ever been. And yes, my body has changed. But it drives me to work harder, to be a better person, to always keep improving myself. I care less about how much I weigh, but I do care how much weight I can lift and how I constantly get better. That says so much more about who I am and what I’m worth than any scale can ever tell me. I don’t care what I look like while I’m doing Crossfit, I just show up and try my hardest.

Doing Crossfit and having more muscles then the average woman also causes that a lot of people start judging and make comments about you. About your lifestyle, about your looks and the ‘please don’t get to bulky’ which is the most annoying thing I regularly hear. Crossfit doesn’t make me bulky, Crossfit makes me the fittest version of myself and reveals my potential and what my body is truly capable of. The judgment that the women athletes get in this sport is misplaced. When some people see their physical look as ugly or manly, I see how incredibly strong they are and more importantly how their body make them capable of so great performances. Appearance can’t change unless performance does and these woman’s bodies are their machines. I hope that in the future younger girls will look at other women’s performance and not only their looks. And I really hope that the way people currently look at ‘muscular’ women will make place for respect.

For me, the changes in my confidence level, attitude and how happy I am with myself is what made the most impact. So many woman struggle with their body image, if you go through this or if you feel yourself starting to, please start taking care of these negative feelings. You are limiting yourself with the enormous amount of shame you feel in regard to the way you look. Think of how much time you would have in your day if you could teach yourself to replace negative feelings with feelings of joy, love and plenitude. When you put the work in, you do see changes and improvements. Exercise, take the best care of yourself but most important feel good about yourself and you will keep going the right way.

Learning to love yourself and accepting your body is one of the most crucial and beneficial gifts that you can give yourself.


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