Finding the right balance

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Hey there,

As the year of 2015 has started, so should have the good resolution. But how many times in the past have you promised yourself you’ll change your bad habits from January 1st on? And how many times did you effectively achieve your goals?

It is maybe time to stop waiting for the miracle of new year’s eve fireworks and simply put together the real ingredients of a long-lasting lifestyle change: find the right balance.

Let’s start with understanding that your well-being essentially depends on 4 factors:
Sleep – Nutrition – Physical activity – Relaxation

I consider sleeping as the first and most important pillar of the balance pyramid. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times positively affects your life in outstanding proportions. It benefits your heart, your weight, your mind, prevents moodiness and irritability, lowers the risk of hypertension and reduce stress hormone levels. It is incredible to think that so many people are failing at fulfilling this very basic need, which is the most simple thing to do! Of course, the amount of sleep needed depends on age, activity and also varies from a person to another. It is everyone’s task to find the right balance. Simply make sure to keep a regular sleep/wake schedule and always listen to your body.

There wouldn’t be place enough to explain how important a proper nutrition is and how deeply it is related to your health. Think of your body as a car that needs fuel to function. If you decide to put bad quality fuel in, the engine will start having all sorts of problem and will eventually breakdown. But unlike an engine in a car, your body can’t be replaced and it deserves the best care! Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet has such a strong impact on your life: it increases vitality, helps you reach or maintain your ideal weight, strengthens your immune system, increases your athletic performances, slows the aging process, reduces fatigue and even prevents certain illness, cancers, diabetes and many more. So make sure to take care of your nutrition, your body will be thankful.

Regular physical activity produces long term benefits in terms of health. People of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities can benefit from being physically active. Active people tend to have lower rates of diabetes and high blood pressure, while exercising regularly can contribute to a better heart and lung function. As I have already explained in my previous blogpost, find a activity that you enjoy the most, but also make sure that you give your body daily the activity it needs. Find the right balance between: aerobic activities, muscle-stenghten activities and balance and stretching activities.

Rest is an important part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. It rejuvenates your body and mind, regulates your mood and is linked to learning and memory function. Not getting enough of rest can negatively effect all of the above. Many of us lead busy lives with numerous work, family or social commitments. Sometimes these commitments leave us tired and anxious and we can easily go long periods without relaxing. Yet relaxing is a very important key to your health and well-being. So what does it mean to relax? We are relaxed when we release tension and anxiety. How you relax is personal (whether its reading a book, taking a walk, meditation, taking a hot bath, you name it!) and can be done in many different ways but generally, we relax when we are resting or are doing something enjoyable. While we do so, our body has the opportunity to unwind. Try to make it a priority by scheduling every week some “me” time in your agenda, that will make your body and mind rest and relax. You will thank yourself for taking this time and feel more energetic afterwards!

Good luck finding your balance and rock 2015!


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