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I’ve dedicated all my young years to two sports that are commonly considered as “Action Sports”: Wakeboarding and Snowboarding. I could experience every aspect of them. From the thrill of learning new tricks, to the struggle of dealing with injuries.

Truth is that most of us, extreme sport lovers, usually don’t give enough importance to building the body and the physical condition required for these sports.I learned it the hard way by blowing my knee and had to face the fact that I would have to give up on these sports. This should have been a very negative bump in the road, but turned out to be an empowering challenge as I decided to make the best out of it, and work on a slow but careful recovery. Eventually, I became very attentive to what my body needed, and realized I was passioned about improving my physical abilities. It didn’t took long before I understood that I wanted to make it my everyday mission and therefore I embraced a personal trainer career.

The best part is that with my new lifestyle and physical condition, I could even restart practicing my favorite sports, even though doctors told me to forget about them.

Now that you know a little more about me, I’d be really interested to learn more about you! Just leave a comment telling who you are, which sport(s) you’re into and what is your next goal.
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