I offer Personal Training and Coaching. With my passion of sport and living a healthy lifestyle I can help you get healthier and fitter. My motivation is your well-being and your health.


Weight Loss
Recovery training
Sport Specific
Crossfit Level1 
Lifestyle coaching

"I couldn't be more satisfied with her approach, her food advices and her way of training and coaching. Surprisingly, during our training sessions we are almost not using any fitness machines which is a complete different methodology than I was used to do."

− Rolf Roggeveen, 52 year, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

"I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough – she is an absolutely amazing personal trainer who genuinely cares about her clients getting the best results possible."

− Susan K Lock, 51, Calgary, Canada

"Caroline is not only a good trainer, she is really what we can call a personal and inspiring trainer."

− Pierre Deflandre, 39, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Physical and mental tips on how to deal with an injury

Caroline | Blog | 2 Comments
3 weeks ago I injured my shoulder. I wish I could say it happened while I was doing a badass set of 15 unbroken muscle-ups, but the truth is it...

It’s summer time, adapt your training!

Caroline | Blog | 2 Comments
Here we are! It’s summer. Finally. This beautiful and anticipated season comes with loads of events, festivals, parties and temptations to miss a training or two. We’ve all been there....

Strong is Beautiful

Caroline | Blog | No Comments
Many of us are in a constant battle to make our body different. Changing your attitude towards how you should look, losing the focus about how other woman look and...

Finding the right balance

Caroline | Blog |
Hey there, As the year of 2015 has started, so should have the good resolution. But how many times in the past have you promised yourself you’ll change your bad...

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